I have my doubts that any candidate is making promises that can actually be kept, but of the bunch, this is the best set of empty promises I’ve seen. I’m not even trying to be a jerk about it. Congress won’t let anything substantial “we” want to see happen get past any candidate’s wish list. Costs and the Constitution and reality will keep Comrade Trump’s promises from happening. I doubt Rotten Hillary will actually even try on her better promises, and if she does, Congress won’t let those things happen either, but it’ll be good political theater. And Jill without a horrible nickname would just elicit the same giggles from Congress Bernie would have, plus bonus misogyny.

But this is a fine set of promises, indeed. Pity about her positions on the Second Amendment and anti-vaxx, though. Give me this set and flip the script on those last two, and I’ll wish on a candidate from now until the cows come home.