TinfoilHatThe Blaze: Attorneys Who Defended Officers in Freddie Gray Case Bash Prosecutor for Creating ‘Fictitious Narrative’

I hate to say it, but I think she over-charged in the depraved-heart case. But was it a screw up?

Her prior accomplishments lead me to think she should have been smarter than this. Or is this whole shebang one really messed up piece of political theater, one where the powers that be that prop up this particular policing regime (one including nickel rides, for instance, redressed merely with changes in protocol, rather than in law) create the appearance of an attempt at justice, knowing full well the cops would be counseled to pick trial by judge instead of by jury, knowing full well the prosecution would play a weak hand, and that the cops, one by one, would be “vindicated” by the courts?
That sounds like conspiracy theory thinking, undeniably, but to my way of thinking, the cynicism that leads to it is every bit as sound as just accepting that she suddenly, out of the blue, sucks at her job. And there’s no conspiracy to look for. Just Marilyn Mosby, perhaps, fulfilling the role she’s been selected to serve…team player for neoliberalism and oligarchy.
Image credit: Morton Devonshire @ Wikipedia, licensed under Creative Commons.