Just read something absolutely hilarious. In the realm of politics, especially this election, everything seems to be fair game, but for sheer absurdity, this sentence takes the cake. There was much else to disagree with, but this one statement left me gobsmacked.
“Focus on women by making the case they’ll see more prosperity, freedom and opportunity in a Trump administration.”

As to prosperity, YMMV. Trickle-down hasn’t worked for anyone but those at the top doing all the trickling, but it’s yellow and smells bad. How more of that will help women become more prosperous generally when it only helps the already wealthy become more prosperous is just wishful thinking writ large.
Opportunity? This from the candidate that gives cover to misogyny and workplace sexual harassment, while setting the noble character example being a philanderer can only help, right?
But freedom? That’s the punchline, squeezed right in the middle. By what measure anyone can think a woman could be more free during a Trump administration is beyond me, but I’m certainly open to entertaining new, fresh ideas on that front. Considering his comments on reproductive choice, which are even radically more draconian that those of other anti-choice Republicans, there’s no improvement on freedom to be found there, which, as I’ve argued many times before, is a separation of church and state issue, ergo, under Trump, it’s not even just that women stand to loose that liberty, but doubly lose their freedom of faith when an opposing faith is imposed upon them. If in that way, in how many others?
Still not suggesting even remotely that Clinton makes a good, decent, or even acceptable alternative, but anyone voting Trump because they believe this is willfully ignoring reality in favor of how they wish things to be.