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How inconvenient for Liberty Counsel

Jezebel: ‘Religious Freedom’ Group Can’t Quite Decide If After-School Satan Clubs Have a Right to Exist

First, there’s having to reckon with their own flip-flop. That’s just embarrassing. Continue reading “How inconvenient for Liberty Counsel”


Trump: great for attorneys

Daily Kos: Judge orders Trump to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees for stiffing painting contractor

Trump screws the little guy over and over again. That’s how he does business. But hey, he’s different. He’s earnestly and publicly racist and misognynist, but hey, he’s different. And he’s not Hillary.
At least his supporters can feel good that at the end of this case, regardless of whether or not the painter got his $30k, at least the attorneys made out 10x better than that.
Trump. Good for attorneys.

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