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Trump’s supporters can be a real laugh riot

Just read something absolutely hilarious. In the realm of politics, especially this election, everything seems to be fair game, but for sheer absurdity, this sentence takes the cake. There was much else to disagree with, but this one statement left me gobsmacked.
“Focus on women by making the case they’ll see more prosperity, freedom and opportunity in a Trump administration.”

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There’s rigging and there’s rigging…

ThumbonScaleWall Street Journal: Debate Commission Pushes Back Against Trump’s Claims of ‘Rigging’ Continue reading “There’s rigging and there’s rigging…”

Mosby: suddenly incompetent or…

TinfoilHatThe Blaze: Attorneys Who Defended Officers in Freddie Gray Case Bash Prosecutor for Creating ‘Fictitious Narrative’

I hate to say it, but I think she over-charged in the depraved-heart case. But was it a screw up?

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A confession

I’m a sometimes troll, one with a peculiar style.

So. I trolled Alex Jones’ Facebook page when they riffed on the importance of defending our right to free speech, the kind of post that gets their three non-hung-over wingnuts frothing early on a Saturday. I thanked them for being America’s answer to Charlie Hebdo, pushing the limits so that the rest of us can relax knowing that the line is way the hell over there somewhere.

I got thanked.

Was that too subtle for the crowd? Or is that an acknowledgment that they abuse the limits of decency by intentionally coming up with the most egregiously ridiculous and offensive material they can come up with. Mind you, that’s a feat when it comes to ridiculousness, but they utterly lack Charlie’s artistry at the offense.

Promises, promises


I have my doubts that any candidate is making promises that can actually be kept, but of the bunch, this is the best set of empty promises I’ve seen. I’m not even trying to be a jerk about it. Congress won’t let anything substantial “we” want to see happen get past any candidate’s wish list. Costs and the Constitution and reality will keep Comrade Trump’s promises from happening. I doubt Rotten Hillary will actually even try on her better promises, and if she does, Congress won’t let those things happen either, but it’ll be good political theater. And Jill without a horrible nickname would just elicit the same giggles from Congress Bernie would have, plus bonus misogyny.

But this is a fine set of promises, indeed. Pity about her positions on the Second Amendment and anti-vaxx, though. Give me this set and flip the script on those last two, and I’ll wish on a candidate from now until the cows come home.

Is there anything less scary than a terrorist?


Let’s look at this.

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Kaine is the left’s signal to get busy, not complacent

Common Dreams: Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues

At least this was more honest than a Warren-like pick, where the left would just be left neutered and silenced for four years. “Patience, we’ve got a prog VP. Doing what they can! Siddown! Shaddup!” Without that pretense, the left has no excuses for sitting idly by for Obama’s third term. They did enough of that when the anti-war movement dried up during Obama’s tenure, and when they didn’t push through federal/local/business collusion in shutting down Occupy.


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