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That awkward moment when…




Wait, what?

“There are going to be different visions about where we should go as a country,” Obama said, running down a list of economic issues facing the nation.

“But we’re not going to make good decisions based on fears that don’t have a basis in fact,” he said.

Yahoo News: Obama: dark Trump vision ‘doesn’t really jibe’ with facts

Did he mean we shouldn’t be so scared of Trump we vote Hillary, or that we shouldn’t be so scared of Hillary we vote Trump?

Either way, this is one of the few times I’ve agreed with him in quite some time.

GOP platform opens the floodgates to dark money. Dem platform pays lip service to the contrary. Who will be more disappointed in four years?

Pence and fetal funerals, all sturm, no drang

Mother Jones: Pence Signed a Law Requiring Burial or Cremation for Aborted Fetuses

Pence, whom Donald Trump announced as his vice presidential running mate on Friday, signed the law that made Indiana the second state ever, after North Dakota, to pass a ban on abortions carried out for certain reasons. The law also imposed liability for wrongful death on doctors that perform an abortion motivated by one of the prohibited reasons. And, as Mother Jones reported in March, the law also required that health care facilities inter or cremate the remains of an aborted fetus, and prohibited fetal tissue donation. Continue reading “Pence and fetal funerals, all sturm, no drang”

Fox has some heavy lifting ahead

USA Today: Ailes’ departure poses unexpected challenges for Fox

Where are they going to find someone of Ailes’ caliber that doesn’t degrade women?

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